Motor Vehicle Finance - Newcastle Commercial Finance
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Newcastle Commercial Finance Icon Vehicle

Motor Vehicle Finance for business and personal use buyers

Motor Vehicle Finance is available for both business and personal use buyers. Funding is available on all makes and models with no restriction on age subject to finance approval. This includes passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, light & heavy trucks, buses & coaches, and motorbikes. Motor Vehicle Finance agreements utilise the vehicle as security, therefore ensuring a low interest rate and flexible loan term ranging from 12 months to 7 years.
A residual value/balloon can often be included to minimise repayments or to match with your expected replacement timeframe. Finance is available for vehicles being purchased via Private Sale or from a Licenced Dealer, and our access to national REVS/PPSR databases and company charge registers ensures you receive clear title of the goods at settlement

• Chattel Mortgage
• Commercial Hire Purchase
• Finance Lease
• Operating Lease & Rental
• Secured Consumer Loan
• Novated Lease – Non Maintained & Fully Maintained

No Financial Statements required up to $150,000

• ABN Registered 2 years
• GST Registered
• Clear Credit History
• Applicant/Director owns or mortgages residential property
• Vehicle up to 4 years old
• Included goods: passenger vehicles, rigid trucks no tonnage restrictions

(No Financial Statements is subject to approval of the lender, Rigid Trucks over 4.5 GVM require 12 months GST Registered)