Commercial Property & Business Loans - Newcastle Commercial Finance
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Newcastle Commercial Finance Icon Commercial

100+ years of combined experience in the commercial finance sector

Our longstanding reputation with the major banks and lenders, combined with access to multiple products ensures our clients are in good hands when dealing with Newcastle Commercial Finance for their commercial property and business loan requirements.
Our diverse offering ensures we have access to funding for almost any scenario ranging from a business premises purchase, through to SMSF purchases and large scale industrial developments. Our dedicated staff will guide you every step of the way and work closely with you and your advisors to ensure you are placed with the lender who best meets your needs and understands your business. 

Newcastle Commercial Finance is able to assist with all types of commercial property funding and business loans including the following:

• Premises Purchase
• Strata Funding
• Overdrafts

• Refinances
• Medical Sector
• Expansion

• Business Purchases or Start Up Funding
• Debt Restructures
• Cashflow Finance

• Commercial & Industrial Sites
• Payout of Directors
• Construction & Development